For students attending the course Genetics course code 5MT009

This course will cover general genetic concepts with a focus on human genetics in life science.


Introduction to the course

DNA Genetic Material Helix
DNA Genetic Material Helix Photo: Gerd Altmann Pixabay

Students will be provided with an introduction to genetics in basic research and examples of how genetics can be used to understand disease and improve health. Different themes, such as genome organization, the origin and consequences of genetic variation and inheritance models, gene regulation, gene expression, and current diagnostic applications will be presented and discussed in accordance with the course objectives. The course is divided into the following partly overlapping parts: self-studies, lectures, teacher moderated discussions, student group work, and oral presentations. Students will read and discuss the latest review and research articles from high impact journals in the field of genetics and genomics which will be provided during the course.

Students can find the modules, tasks, and learning materials in the CANVAS learning platform.

Graphic schedule (preliminary)

Course evaluation


Fulya Taylan

Course leader
K1 Department of Molecular Medicine and Surgery