For students attending the Joint Master's Programme in Health Informatics FAQ - Exchange Studies

Frequently asked questions about exchange studies.

What do exchange studies involve?

Studying abroad within the framework of an exchange programme means that the student spends part of his/her period training at one of the exchange programme’s partner universities. As a Health Informatics student you will focus on collecting data for your Degree Project.

How long can I go on exchange?

INK-agreements (bilateral agreements): minimum 5 weeks

Erasmus+ agreement: minimum 60 days

What is expected of an exchange student?

Studying abroad for a period requires a lot of preparation. There are many aspects to consider – before, during and after the study period. You will receive advice and help from the Programme Director and the International Coordinator during your planning. However, remember that the responsibility for the success of your preparatory work and your foreign studies is your own and that you will have to do a lot of work on your own.

How are exchange studies credited at KI?

When you collect data abroad, you should have a supervisor both at KI and at the partner university. Your proposed Degree Project should be approved at KI before you start your work. Contact the Programme Director for further information.

Is accommodation abroad included?

As an exchange student, the host university can sometimes help you to arrange accommodation. You will receive more information regarding accommodation as soon as you received your acceptance notice from the host university. 

Financial support during my exchange?

As an exchange student at a partner university you will not pay tuition fees at the host university. However, if you are currently paying tuition fees at KI, you will also pay the KI tuition fee for the period of your exchange study. Keep in mind other expenses may arise, such as student union fees, insurance fees and costs for course literature and other material.

Travel Grant

Once you have been accepted by the partner university you can apply for the KI travel grant. The grant is 5000 SEK for 6 weeks abroad, if you stay 12 weeks or longer the grant is 8000 SEK. For Erasmus+ Studies the minimum is €400 depending on the country.

Language skills and courses?

It is your responsibility to have adequate language skills before you begin your exchange studies. Certain partner universities also organise language courses at various levels, however, a fee might be charged. 

What are exchange reports?

A student who has completed exchange studies within the framework of the Master's Programme in Health Informatics must write an exchange report upon returning.

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