For students attending the Master's Programme in Nutrition Science (120 ECTS) Important information regarding the discontinuation of the one-year Master's programme in Nutrition Science

The programme was given for the last time autumn 2021 and now a two-year master’s programme has started. Below are some information for anyone with remaining assignments on the one-year programme.

For students who have remaining assignments left

If you have remaining assignments left on the one-year programme, please contact the respective course leader. Re-examinations will be offered until the end of the spring semester 2024. We have no specific dates for re-examinations since the examinations on the courses are in the form of assignments and reports, but the final deadline is June 2nd, 2024. After this date they will not be assessed. 

NB: If you have started the programme, but not taken part in most of the courses, you will need to apply for the two-year master instead.

If you are about to finalise your Degree Project, please contact the course leader or the Programme Director for more information.

Magdalena Rosell

Programme Director, Master's Programme in Nutrition Science


Q: Can I study the one-year programme and then get credits for one year on the two-year programme?
A: No. The individual courses on the two programmes will differ. But you might be able to get credits for parts in the new courses.

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Sara Bruce