For students attending the Master's Programme in Toxicology Programme organisation

The IMM Education Committee is in charge of the quality and quality assurance of the programme as well as the integration, progression, scientific approach, and professional connection in relation to the outcomes of the Curriculum.

IMM Educational Committee


Johanna Zilliacus, Departmental director of education (GUA)


Committee members
Annika Hanberg, Programme Director for the Master’s Programme in Toxicology

Jenny Selander, Programme Director for the Master’s Programme in Work and Health

Christina Björklund, faculty representative from IMM

Jette Möller, faculty representative from Dept. of Global Public Health 

Karin Leander, faculty representative from IMM

Kristian Dreij, faculty representative from IMM

Magdalena Rosell, faculty representative from BioNut

Maria Albin, stakeholder representative from the Center for Occupational and Environmental Medicine

Student representatives are appointed by the student union.

Education committee administrator
Johanna Bergman


Meetings Spring 2022

  • February 8th at 09:00-12:00

  • March 7th at 13:00-16:00

  • May 4th at 13:00-16:00

Annika Hanberg