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The Covid-19 pandemic has put disaster medicine and global public health in the spotlight. Health systems are globally being overwhelmed, curative care for critically ill needs to be balanced with preventive measures including vaccinations. This course offers students tools to understand how contextual factors such as vulnerability interacts with direct and indirect effects of the disasters. It brings together expertise within global public health and disaster medicine.


Welcome to the course Public Health Response in Disasters (2QA236)

Disasters are caused by hazards such as Covid-19, earthquakes, typhoons, floods and conflicts, but whether the hazard will develop into a disaster depends on several factors such as exposure, vulnerability, coping capacity and resilience. Throughout the history of mankind, we have been exposed to hazards, but thanks to reduced vulnerability the number of disaster deaths has gone down. This has been partly achieved through implementation of wise policies based on new knowledge and experience of global public health and disaster medicine. The current Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for increased understanding of the interactions between hazard and vulnerability in order to foster health system resilience to shocks.

  • The course will be given next time fall 2021 starting 30 August 2021.
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