Studying Abroad as a Freemover

If you choose to study abroad on your own as a so called freemover you will need to do everything yourself.

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This means that you prepare and arrange your studies at a foreign university/organization/company on your own initiative. 

You are responsible for all costs such as application and tuition fees, etc. Contacts with universities and authorities are also your responsibility.


The preparations include getting descriptions of the study programme and courses in which you plan to partake, course literature and other documents that can help your Director of Studies decide whether a credit transfer is possible.

You need to request approved leave from studies from KI for the period of your time abroad and you will not be registered at KI during your leave.

Writing Your Thesis Abroad

If, on your own initiative and with the approval of Supervisors at KI, you choose to carry out a project or degree project abroad (data collection for your thesis) and are still registered in the course at KI, you may be covered by the group insurance, Kammarkollegiet, that KI has, provided there is a written agreement of acceptance between KI (not the student) and the institution or establishment.

Please contact your Program Director/Supervisor for more information.

KI will not take out individual Student UT insurance if you are on a study break or if you will carry out studies abroad that will not be accredited within your study programme at KI.

More Information

More information about studying abroad is available at, for example, The website contains advice on things you should consider regarding your application, language skills and finance. There are also links to further information on practical training in different countries.


If you choose to travel abroad within the European Union on your own you need to fill in a Learning Agreement för traineeships.

If you travel within the European Union you might have the right to receive an Erasmus+ stipend for traineeship if your study programme at KI approves your internship and if you travel abroad for at least 60 days.

Before you travel home you need to ask your supervisor abroad to fill in and sign your Certificate of Attendance.

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