Studying with disabilities at KI

Karolinska Institutet can provide students with disabilities with special support during your studies. Students with disabilities at KI should be guaranteed the same high level of education and the same good quality study environment as other students.

What is the definition of disability?

Disability is defined as: a permanent physical, mental or intellectual impairment of functional capacity which was either caused by an injury or illness already at birth, which arose thereafter or which may be expected to arise. (The Discrimination Act).

Special support for student with disabilities

The Office for Students with Disabilities coordinates the practical and financial support measures for students with disabilities.

If you need support during your studies at KI, submit your application as soon as possible.

How to apply for special support during your studies at KI

  1. Submit your application via
  2. After your application has been confirmed, contact the Coordinator for students with disabilities to schedule an appointment to discuss your individual support.

After your application

After your application and your appointment with the coordinator, you will receive a certificate containing the recommended adaptations and support you might need during your studies. When talking to teachers and other people involved during your studies, it can be useful to provide them with your certificate.

Literature in other formats at KI's library

If you need of literature in other formats, such as talking books, e-text or large print, contact the library at KI, KIB, before the course has started. How to request literature in other formats at KI’s library.

Contact your teacher or Student Counsellor

Each department has a student counsellor who can help you during your studies. Contact the student counsellor at the beginning of the term to introduce yourself and provide the certificate detailing the support you need for your studies.

The Student Counsellor can provide you with support if you have any questions about your studies or if you need help in your contacts with teachers.

If you have the need for a specially adapted study plan, contact the Student Counsellor regarding the possibility of having an 'individual study plan'. You might also need to defer one of your modules to another term to slow down your pace of studying.

Contact information to programme study counsellors at KI.

For adaptations that need to be made within the scope of your education, for example, if you need to sit an alternative exam, you will need to discuss this with your teachers. Be prepared that you will have to make contact with people on your own.

What you can do yourself

  • Introduce yourself to your teachers at the beginning of each course and inform them about the special support you require
  • Contact the student counsellor at the beginning of the term
  • Try to find the best seat/place in the lecture hall for you
  • Do not hesitate to ask for as much help as you need
  • Ask fellow students if they can help you take notes or help you with other matters. They can receive payment for their additional work. However, they should be familiar with the subject in question to ensure that they can make good notes.
  • If you have any issues or problems, please contact the Coordinator for students with disabilities or the Student Ombudsperson.

Other services for students with disabilities

Student health centre

The Student Health Centre offers study-related health care as a complement to the regular health care services. The centre is staffed with doctors, nurses and counsellors and provides support and advice regarding your mental and physical health during your studies. All services are free of charge.

You are welcome to contact the student health centre, they can answer medical questions or give advice regarding study related medical issues.

Financing your studies

If you have a disability that negatively affects your studies, you may receive special consideration as far as your finances are concerned.

You might need a certificate explaining why you did not achieve the required number of points or why your studies are taking longer than normal. Contact the Coordinator for students with disabilities for more information.

Adapted Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test

There is a special version of the Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test (Högskoleprovet) for people who have dyslexia or who have different degrees of visual impairment. If you want to take the adapted exam, you have to present a special certificate that proves you have dyslexia or are visually impaired. This exam is held twice a year.


You can apply for priority because of medical reasons at the Federation of Student Unions in Stockholm (SSCO), Stockholms studentbostäder (SSSB) and the housing delegation.

Academic Writing Lab

All KI students can receive help to improve their use of language when writing reports, assignments and project work at the academic writing lab.

Support for doctoral students

Doctoral students who are not employed are entitled to the same support as all students with disabilities at KI. You also apply in the same manner as other students, namely via

If you are an employed doctoral student, the Human Resources Department as well as the KI Department you are employed by are responsible for arranging and financing personal educational support. The disability-coordinator is in charge of personal pedagogical support for the student’s research activities (e.g. extra supervision and/or study interpretation) in the same way as for Bachelor’s and Master’s students.

MTM produces course literature for doctoral students with reading impairments in the same way as for Bachelor’s and Master’s students. KIB is in charge of supplying alternative course reading material.

For more information and for any questions, please contact the coordinator at KI. Find the contact information below.

Contact and links

Viktoria Hansson

Coordinator for students with disabilities

Visiting address: Education Support Office, Berzelius väg 3, 5 tr, campus Solna

Schedule an appointment with me via Timecenter (page in Swedish)