Summer Courses Abroad

Below you will find presentations of summer courses, arranged by our partner universities and other organisations that Karolinska Institutet has some kind of connection to.

The courses are mainly within medicine and health related topics, but also within other areas such as languages, social sciences and technology. You will have a fun and interesting summer!

Please note that these are courses that are NOT included in the ordinary exchange programme through Karolinska Institutet. Most of the courses will therefore cost money. For more information, please contact the university/organisation directly.


Hong Kong The Chinese University Hong Kong arranges a summer research school for 8-10 weeks this summer. Apply before 28 February.


Colombia This summer, Universidad del Rosario, Colombia, offer several summer courses, for instance "Methods in the Development of Synthetic Vaccines" and "Primary Health Care in Colombia". The courses are held in Spanish.


Denmark Aarhus University arranges summer courses in English; "Clinical Global Infectious Diseases" and "Healthy Entrepreneurship and Innovation" in July - August. 

Denmark Each year in August, the Copenhagen School of Global Health offers popular summer schools for students and professionals with an interest in global health and development issues. Deadline to apply is 1 April.

France Université Angers arranges several summer courses on topics such as Bioinformatics, Research, Simulation in Healthcare and Vascular. The courses are held in English or French. Apply before 16 April.

Italy Together with partners in Italy, the UK and the US, KI arranges a Summer School on Modern Methods in Biostatistics and Epidemiology in Treviso this summer. The course is aimed for students with a strong interest in biostatistics and epidemiology.

Slovenia One week course in Paliative Care at the University of Ljubljana. Apply before 15 May.

The Netherlands Summer courses for (bio)medicine students, within Biobanking, Global Health and Transplantation Medicine are given at the University of Groningen. Apply before 1 March.

The Netherlands The Erasmus Summer Programme focuses on key principles and methods of quantitative medical research. Open to students and health professionals, it provides essential updates in a range of applied medical and healthcare disciplines. Each course is designed to fully satisfy the needs of international students with a specific interest such as clinical medicine, general practice, public health, epidemiology, genetics or biostatistics.

Summer courses within "Life Sciences", i.e. Global Health, Epidemiology, Toxicology and Infectious Diseases are given at Utrecht Summer School.

NeurotechEU summer schools