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Swedish Language Course through KI

Students studying at KI for a minimum period of 8 weeks are offered a complimentary Swedish course as part of their introduction (students from Denmark and Norway are not eligible for the complimentary course).

The introduction week that takes place in the week prior to the start of the autumn semester starts with a three day intensive Swedish course. If a student cannot attend this first Swedish course, they can join an evening course or weekend courses held during the first semester of their stay. Students may of course attend the rest of the introduction week even if they are unable to come to the intensive Swedish course.

Registration information for the Swedish course will be sent out to you via email, so do check your inbox regularly, including your SPAM filter.

After registration you will be invited to a group. Groups are formed based on your Swedish language level, your first language and your focus area. If you already speak some Swedish you will be sent an online test. The levels below refer to the European Framework of Reference for Languages.

  • Survival Swedish
  • Level A1
  • Level A2
  • Level B1
  • Level B2

A Variety of Formats

All courses include interactive speaking and comprehension exercises, vocabulary building, practice in important structures and work on the pronunciation and intonation of the Swedish language. Speaking and listening are given a central role during class, through role-play and specific assignments.

You can join a weekly group of 10 sessions or a shorter intensive course. All courses include 30 hours of training.

  • Intensive – Start of term
  • Intensive course – Weekends
  • 10-week course

For more information please contact your International Coordinator.