Tetiana Poliakova - Master's in Biomedicine student from Ukraine/USA

Programme: Master's in Biomedicine
From: Ukraine/USA
Past Facebook manager

Student blogs

"I appreciate the international environment of the classroom."

Tetiana has been dreaming of studying at KI since she was 15 years old. The main reason she chose KI is its vision to “make a significant contribution to the improvement of human health”. She feels proud to be a part of a university that is devoted to promoting global health and medical research.

In 10 years, she hopes to use her skills to conduct biomedical research that will create and explore new therapies to alleviate the burden of diseases.

With a strong focus on team work and communication skills she believes KI will prepare her well for the current job market and its demand for knowledgeable, flexible, and open-minded employees. Her best memory so far is bonding with her new classmates over dinner. They each cooked their favourite dish from their home country and shared something from their culture.