The new learning platform Canvas - for students

During 2019 and 2020, Karolinska Institutet is introducing the new learning platform Canvas. On this page you can find information which concerns you as a student, and what you should keep in mind as Canvas is replacing Ping Pong.

What does this mean for students?

Since all courses cannot be transferred to Canvas at the same time, during a transitional period, you will have some courses in Ping Pong and some in Canvas. Information on where to find your course will be available on Websites for education.

Where can I find instructions on how to use Canvas, and who do I contact if I have problems?

The Student Guide will give you a walk-through of how Canvas works, so when it comes to user-related questions you can usually find the answer there.

If you have problem:

  • Logging into Canvas, please contact Student-IT
  • Accessing a specific course room in Canvas, please contact your course coordinator
  • Using Canvas with your mobile app, we recommend you to use Canvas with Chrome, Firefox or Safari on a normal computer

What happens to Ping Pong?

During the autumn of 2020, Ping Pong will be phased out and old courses will no longer be available.

Will my material disappear in Ping Pong?

If you have material in Ping Pong that you want to keep, you have to save it yourself. After autumn 2020, you will no longer be able to access your material.

Karolinska Institutet will store the material for another two years after shutdown. However, this is only intended to be used by authorities if needs exist.

How do I download my material?

In most cases files and documents can be downloaded. Do exactly as you usually do when downloading files. If you feel unsure or have other types of material, you can look at the instruction page in the link below. The instruction is written for staff so part of the content is irrelevant to you as a student.

Instructions on how to easily download files and documents from Ping Pong (only in Swedish)