Traineeships at Karolinska Institutet

Many students ask about the possibility of carrying out a traineeship or internship at Karolinska Institutet (KI).


The Education Support office does not assist you with finding a clinical placement at the hospital or in any labs at Karolinska Institutet.

You can contact departments directly to enquire about a traineeship consisting of research/project work at one of the departments at KI. A traineeship period must not include participation in core courses at KI. It is the department and the research group that decides whether or not to accept a person for an internship/traineeship position.

Please note that as a traineeship student (without an exchange agreement) you:

  • will not be registered as a student at KI (i.e. you will not be entitled to student discounts on local travel SL)
  • will not be entitled to service and support intended for exchange students (including accommodation, Swedish language course, introduction days, etc.)
  • there will be no university transcript of records (ECTS) issued

The department at Karolinska Institutet (KI) which you have been accepted to will have the full responsibility for you on the same conditions as any employer. If accepted for a traineeship at a department at Karolinska Institutet you will be covered by the Student IN insurance. Please note that if you do a traineeship at the Karolinska Hospital, you are not insured by KI.

Unfortunately the Education Support Office at Karolinska Institutet cannot help you as a freemover in finding placements in hospitals or clinics - we only accept exchange students within established exchange agreements.

Student coming through an Erasmus+ agreement

A few study programmes at Karolinska Institutet have Erasmus+ agreements covering traineeship. If you are a student from a partner university and they nominate you for exchange you can turn to the international coordinators at the Education Support Office for assistance.

Exchange agreements 2020-2021