Course syllabus for

Statistics and methodology, 4.5 credits

Statistik och metod, 4.5 hp
This course syllabus is valid from spring 2022.
Please note that the course syllabus is available in the following versions:
Spring2011 , Spring2017 , Spring2018 , Spring2022
Course code
Course name
Statistics and methodology
4.5 credits
Form of Education
Higher Education, study regulation 2007
Main field of study 
AV - Second cycle 
Grading scale
Fail (U), pass (G) or pass with distinction (VG)
Department of Clinical Neuroscience
Decided by
Programnämnd 8
Decision date
Revised by
Education committee CNS
Last revision
Course syllabus valid from
Spring 2022

Specific entry requirements

Passed results of the Study Programme in Psychology semester 1-6 comprising 180 credits and at least 15 credits from semester 7. The course thus assumes that all credits in statistics and research methods from preceding courses are completed.


The aim of the course is for the student to deepen and develop her/his skills in psychological method.
On completion of the course, the student should be able to

  • with a high degree of independence plan, perform, interpret, and answer issues concerning multivariate analyses
  • with a high degree of independence plan, perform, interpret, and answer issues concerning qualitative analyses.


On part 1 of the course knowledge and skills in multivariate statistical analyses (e.g. regression analysis and analysis of variance) are rehearsed/consolidated/deepened.

On part 2 of the course, qualitative methods are treated and the student is given an opportunity to plan, carry out and interpret the results of qualitative analyses.

Teaching methods

Lectures, laboratory sessions and scientific report writings.


The course is examined in the following way:
a) a written exam on multivariate statistical analysis, is graded U, G or VG
b) written report regarding multivariate statistical analysis, to be written individually, is graded U, G or VG
c) written report regarding qualitative method, to be written either individually or in groups, is graded U, G or VG

The entire course is graded U, G or VG.
The grade G on entire course requires at least G on all the three examination assignments mentioned above. 
The grade VG on entire course requires VG on at least two of the three examination assignments, and at least G on the remaining third assignment.
Grading criteria for all three examination parts are communicated before the start of the course.

Possibility of exception from the course syllabus' regulations on examination
If there are special grounds, or a need for adaptation for a student with a disability, the examiner may decide to deviate from the syllabus' regulations on the examination form, the number of examination opportunities, the possibility of supplementation or exemptions from the compulsory section/s of the course etc. Content and learning outcomes as well as the level of expected skills, knowledge and attitudes may not be changed, removed or reduced.

Transitional provisions

If the course is cancelled or goes through substantial changes, information about interim regulations will be stated here.

Other directives

Course evaluation takes place according to KI's local guidelines. Students are informed of the results and any measures taken on the course website.

Literature and other teaching aids

Langemar, Pia Kvalitativ forskningsmetod i psykologi : att låta en värld öppna sig