For students attending the course Histopathology and Clinical Pathology (5.0 credits) course code 4TX016

This course includes anatomy, histology, hematology and blood chemistry of relevance to toxicity testing. You will learn how to identify and describe the normal appearance and structure of different tissues and organs and pathological effects that may be caused by toxic substances. On this page you can find information about the course, including the syllabus, schedule and contact details.


Welcome to the course!

This course starts on Thursday, December 19 and ends on Friday, January 17, 2025.


To take part in the course it is required that you register for the course online in Ladok. Registration is possible from December 12-21. Find out more about online registration here


Please follow the links below to view the schedule for the autumn semester 2023.

Schedule autumn 2023 - text view 

Schedule autumn 2023 - calendar view

Examination and compulsory participation

The examination consists of a written examination graded Pass with distinction/Pass/Fail.

Compulsory participation
All seminars and presentations are compulsory. The examiner assesses if, and in that case how, absence can be compensated. Before the student has participated in all compulsory parts or compensated absence in accordance with the examiner's instructions, the student's results for respective part will not be registered. Absence from a compulsory activity may result in that the student cannot compensate the absence until the next time the course is given.

Course evaluation 

Course evaluation will be carried out in accordance with the guidelines established by the Board of Education. Course council meeting is held with the course coordinator and student representatives.


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Annika Hanberg

Course leader and examiner
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Åsa Lycke

Programme administrator and Study counselor
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