Digital tools and services for students

Information about e-services, systems and tools available for KI-students. Most of the services you use with your student account. If you have problems with your login, you can turn to Student-IT at the university library. You will find a link to Student-IT at the bottom of this page.

Affinity's design programmes

KI students have access to the Affinity design software suite which you can install on your own computer. The suite consists of three software programmes: Photo, Designer och Publisher. They are roughly equivalent to Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.



Canvas is KI:s new learning platform, where you as a student find course information, schedule, and literature list. Depending on how your teacher chooses to use the learning platform, you may also find quizzes, assignments, films, lecture materials, discussion forums, and much more.

Canvas student guide will give you a walk-through of how Canvas works, so when it comes to user-related questions you can usually find the answer there.

Canvas student guide

Log in to Canvas


Students at KI receive a student e-mail address when registering their student account. Be sure to forward e-mail to your private e-mail if you do not keep track of your student e-mail frequently. This way you avoid missing out on important information from KI. You can also easily read your e-mail on your phone. 

When logging into your student e-mail account, your user name is your e-mail address, that is, Your password is the same as for accessing other e-services at KI (for example Canvas).

Log in to the student e-mail

How to forward your e-mail and access it through your phone

Inspera examinationsystem

Inspera examination is a system used at Karolinska Institutet for written digital exams on campus and remote written digital exams. Prepare for your digital exam by reading about the system and what the exam procedure may look like.

Information about Inspera


Ladok gives you an overview of your studies. Here you can, among other things, register for your courses, see grades, print study certificates and apply for a degree.

Learn more about using Ladok

Log in to Ladok with your KI ID

Microsoft 365

KI students have access to Microsoft Office 365 for students. You have access to several services within Microsoft 365, which give you the opportunity for collaboration and communication with for instance other students. 

Read more on how to install and who to turn to for support

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams, which is often called just "Teams", is a collaboration tool that makes it possible to work with a group of other people online, for instance, on a project. In Teams, you can communicate directly with the other members through chat, collaborate on documents and connect other Microsoft 365-tools. Teams is a great tool for group work since you can organize your tasks by adding one or more Planner tabs to a team channel. You can then assign tasks to the different team members.

Log in to Teams

Microsoft's Teams help center

Teams quick guide at Microsoft

To create a group in Teams you need to fill in the form below. Click on the link below, log in with your student e-mail and fill in the form. The person who asks to create the group will become the owner of the group in Teams.

Fill in the form to create a group in Teams 


To be able to copy, scan and print documents on campus, you need a student account and a KI card. 

Print and copy documents

Reading support


Legimus offers downloading of specially adapted literature for those who have difficulty reading plain text. You can receive course literature in talking book, large print, e-text or braille formats. To use Legimus, you need a certificate from the coordinator for students with disabilities.



The text to speech tool Tortalk is available for download on your own computer, as well as on all computers available to students at KI. Read more about it on Tortalk's website, which includes a blog post about a student who has studied for a medical degree with dyslexia.

Undergraduate and advanced level students collect their licenses via Student-IT. Doctoral students collect their licenses via software centers (for the departments connected to coordinated IT) or license managers at departments.

Download your license from Student-IT

Remote access to the University Library

When you are using a computer off-campus, you must be recognized as a KI user in some other way, in order to access journals, databases, and ebooks provided by the library. On the KIB university library webpages, you will find tips on different ways to get remote access to the library's resources and who to turn to for support.

Remote access to the library

SPSS Statistics

SPSS is a statistical programme provided for KI students. You can install it on your computer. 


Student account 

The student account is the key to all KI's e-services. All KI-students get a student account which gives you access to a range of services, such as e-mail, student computers, remote access to library resources, the learning platform Canvas, and the university's wireless network.

Information on how you register your account and change password

Wireless network Eduroam

Eduroam is a collaboration between colleges and universities around the world to facilitate the use of each other's wireless networks. Eduroam wifi is available at many institutions both in Sweden and abroad. Always use the settings that apply to Karolinska Institutet, even at locations outside the KI campus. Eduroam also works at several libraries in Stockholm and also at train stations, airports and ports.

Connect to Eduroam


Zoom can be used within Canvas, but also as an online meeting tool outside of Canvas, with, for example, students from other courses, or other educational institutions.

Log in to Zoom 

Instructions for using Zoom both within and outside of Canvas

IT support for students