For students providing pedagogical accommodations

A student with a disability can be granted various forms of pedagogical accommodations during their studies. Sometimes the accommodation is provided by another student. Here you can find information on student support assignments.

Assignment as a note-taker

What does the assignment involve? You are expected to attend lectures and seminars and share your clear notes from them with one or more students who are granted note-taking support. You will not be interpreting or processing the notes, so you are expected to share them within 24 hours. The notes should be written and shared digitally, to facilitate the use of digital reading tools. If you receive the assignment during a course that has already started, you will share the notes you took earlier in the course. Practical courses, such as internships or workplace based education (VFU), are not included in the note-taking support, nor are degree project courses. A condition for the assignment is that there is at least one student who is granted the support and receives the notes. This means that if a receiving student interrupts their studies, the assignment can be terminated prematurely.

Please note that disability is a sensitive personal data, which means that you as a note taker should not spread information about students that you come into contact with through your assignment. For example, if you need to share notes with several students, use the "hidden/secret copy" function in your email program so that the students do not see each other's addresses.

What do I get paid? The note-taker receives a fee calculated on the basis of the number of credits the assignment relates to. The same fee applies regardless of the number of students who receive the notes. 30 credits gives 4000 SEK, 15 credits gives 2000 SEK, etc.

How is contact made? The note-taker receives the assignment in writing from the coordinator for students with disabilities, who also mediates the contact between student and note-taker. Students may be added during the course. An assignment cannot be given retrospectively, i.e. for a completed course.

What happens if I get sick? If you are sick for a short time, nothing happens. The recipient will appreciate it if you let them know that notes will not be taken on these days, so they can ask someone else to share them temporarily (without compensation from funkis). If you will be away for a long time, please notify The assignment may have to be canceled and a new note taker hired.

Can I drop out? Notify the Coordinator for Students with Disabilities if you are unable to complete the assignment. Contact

Assignment as a vision assistant



Payment will be made within three months after a completed assignment, provided that you, the annotator, have:
    1. received the assignment from the coordinator before or during the course; and 
    2. confirmed in writing that the assignment has been completed. 

For payment, enter an account at Swedbank, see You find your salary specification in Kivra (requires a Swedish social security number). For questions regarding payment please contact

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