CV form instructions

If you are applying for a global master's programme at KI you need to fill out a CV form. The CV form will be used in the selection process.

What is the CV form?

The CV form is used by the programme in the selection process to assess your previous experiences and your motivation to study your programme of choice.

Based on your CV form you will receive a merit rating. The better the merit rating, the better chance you have of being awarded a place.

Before you fill out the CV form

You need to apply at for your CV form to be reviewed.

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How to fill out the CV form

In the CV form you are asked to state any previous experience you may have and write a statement of intent to motivate your interest in studying your programme of choice.

If you are lacking experiences in any area, it is fine to leave the area blank. If you have a lot of experience and can't fit it all into the CV form, prioritise and choose the most relevant ones.

Be sure to:

  • Read the CV form carefully. Different programmes may be asking for different experiences.
  • Open the CV form in Adobe Acrobat Reader before you start to fill-out the CV form. You have to fill out the CV form in Adobe Acrobate Reader. No other PDF tools are accepted.

Certify your experiences according to the instructions in the CV form.

General instructions:

  • You do not need to submit multiple copies of certifying documents if you are applying for more than one programme.
  • If you have applied before you need to submit a new CV form. You do not need to re-submit previously submitted certifying documents. 
  • Recommendations are not taken into account in the selection process, but a letter of recommendation can be used to document a relevant experience if you are not able to obtain other certification. It still needs to include the details asked for in the CV form instructions.
  • If you need to prove work experience from working in your own company, you can do so by submitting proof that you have a registered company.

If your certifying documents have been issued in another language than Swedish or English then you must also enclose an official translation.

Official means that your translation must be completed by a translation company or a person who works as a translator.

Your CV form(s) must have been uploaded to your account on by the documentation deadline. Do not submit any documents directly to Karolinska Institutet.

Try to scan as many documents as possible into one pdf-file. This will be helpful for the programme when they assess your qualifications. 

How to upload your documents

If you receive an error message while uploading

If you receive an error message about uploading a PDF portfolio, go to “Print” and then select Adobe PDF as a printer (or other installed PDF printers) before saving and uploading again. 

In case Adobe PDF or other PDF printers are not installed among your printers, here are instructions on how to install the Adobe PDF printer.

Please contact the KI admissions office if you do not manage to upload the KI CV form after following these instructions.


What happens now?

How is the CV form assessed

The selection is based on an overall assessment of qualifications such as previous education, relevant work and/or research experience and statement of intent.

You can find an assessment model for the programme you are applying for at the end of the CV form.


Programme Director

For any questions regarding the content of the CV form, please contact the programme director directly. You can find contact details on the programme website.

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