Deferral of the study start

If you need to postpone the start of your studies, you can apply for a deferral if you have a valid reason.

A deferral can only be granted if you are currently admitted and have paid the first installment of the tuition fee (if required). You must also demonstrate a valid reason for your deferral request.

Valid reasons for granting a deferral may be:

  • social circumstances
  • medical circumstances
  • other special circumstances such as caring of child, being called up for military service or civilian service, student union commissions, military training according to the ordinance (2015:613)
  • deferred statutory leave in accordance with the Swedish Education Leave Act (1974:981) [HF chapter 7, § 33 (1993:100) and UHRFS (2016:1)].

Unfortunately, reasons such as financial shortage concerning payment of tuition fee or living expenses, a delayed residence permit, difficulties to find an apartment, preferring to pursue another study or work opportunity, etc. will not be sufficient for granting a deferral.

If you have already started the programme you should instead apply for an interruption of studies. Please contact the study counsellor for your programme.

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