Interruption of studies

Chapter 7 Section 33 of the Higher Education Ordinance provides that, if there are special grounds, a higher education institution may decide in individual cases that a person who has been admitted to first or second level education may resume his or her studies after an interruption.

Interruption of studies with place guarantee

If the study programme is expected to have places available, and provided you have special grounds to interrupt your studies, you can be guaranteed the opportunity to resume your studies. According to regulations issued by the National Agency for Higher Education, such grounds include social, medical or other special circumstances, such as caring for a sick child, military or civil alternative service or union commitments. The date of the resumption of studies is to be given in the decision, the place guarantee remaining valid until the specified period expires.

Interruption of studies without place guarantee

You may choose to interrupt your studies even if a place guarantee cannot be granted. If you have not been granted a place guarantee, you will be given a place on your return on condition that one is available.

Regulations upon resuming first- and second-cycle studies after a departure from the programme sequence.

Single-subject courses

Students on a single-subject course will be granted an interruption of studies only if a date has been fixed for when the course will be re-held. If it is not certain when/if a course will be re-held, an interruption of studies might not be granted.


Applications to interrupt and resume studies are to be made on the relevant forms: "Application for study break" and "Application-notification to resume studies after a study break".


Chapter 10, section 2 of the Higher Education Ordinance provides that a student may appeal a decision not to grant the right to resume her or his studies after an interruption to the Board of Appeal for Higher Education. x

More information on appeals