Scholarships for Exchange Studies

KI-students who participate in exchange programmes as part of their courses can apply for a number of different scholarships.

Exchange Programme Scholarships

If you participate in an exchange programme at a partner university abroad within the scope of an exchange agreement for your study programme, you will receive either a scholarship or a travel grant, depending on the exchange agreement.

If the exchange takes place within the scope of the Nordic Council of Ministers' Nordplus programme, you will receive a Nordplus scholarship.

Students on Erasmus+ exchange will receive an Erasmus+ scholarship financed by the EU.

Students travelling as part of the Sida-financed Linnaeus-Palme exchange programme will receive a Linnaeus scholarship.

Students that take part in exchange studies at a university which we have a bilateral agreement of exchange with will receive a small travel grant from KI (a so called INK-grant).

For more information on the scholarships and travel grant, see the programme websites.

General Scholarships

Additional scholarships may be found if you look through scholarships books which can be located in the library and elsewhere. There are a number of scholarships application services on the Internet as well. Charges are normally made for these, so read the terms carefully.

If you have any questions please contact your International Coordinator.

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