Student exchange reports

Before leaving Karolinska Institutet all incoming exchange students are asked to submit a written report on their experiences and impressions of the exchange period. The report is an important source of information for future exchanges.

Writing the Exchange Report

You write your exchange report in  Mobility-Online. This is currently under construction. For now, please write your exchange report in a separate document based on the template below. You will be contacted by your International Coordinator when you are able to upload it to Mobility Online.

If you give your consent, your report will be published on the web. Your consent to publish is important in order to spread your knowledge and experience to other students, however you can choose whether you want your name and email address to be visible to other readers or not.

Please note that the staff at Karolinska Institutet who manage and review exchange reports will be able to see who wrote the report, regardless of the choice you make regarding publication on the web.

You can log into Mobilty-Online here.

Win a Book

Each academic year, incoming exchange students have a chance to win a prize. Ten students will be rewarded with a book after submitting their exchange reports. The submission deadline is 1 September.

Published Exchange Reports

Read exchange reports written by former incoming exchange students. In this link you can read exchange reports by KI outbound exchange students.


For any questions or comments on the online exchange report, please contact the International Coordinator for your study programme.


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