For students providing educational support

A student with a disability can be granted various forms of support during their studies. Sometimes it is another student who provides such support. Here is information on how this is done, and here you will find the time sheet that you use to report your time worked.

Note-taking support

A student with a disability can be granted various forms of support during their studies, whereof note taking support is one. This support is a complement to participation in teaching. This means that both the student in need of support and the student who takes notes must participate in the same teaching situation. Note-taking support can be provided for campus-based lectures and live broadcast lectures, not pre-recorded lectures, unless otherwise agreed with the coordinator for students with disabilities.

What does a note taker do? The note taker shares his notes with one or more students, who have been granted this. The notes must be shared digitally on the same day as the lecture or the day after.

What should a note taker not do? The note taker should not interpret or process the information in the notes. (The note taker is welcome to discuss the content of the notes with the student, but this is considered joint studies, which is outside the note taking support and thus does not provide compensation.)

What is the salary? The note taker receives a fee of SEK 80 per hour (excluding holiday pay, before tax). The same fee applies regardless of the number of students who receive the notes.

How do you report as a note taker? You report hours worked on four occasions per year:

  • In January:  November, December and January are reported.
  • In March: February, and March are reported.
  • In June: April, May and June are reported.
  • In October: August, September and October are reported.

You find the timesheet below (document "tidrapport"). Breaks should not be reported.

How do we get in touch? The coordinator for students with disabilities mediates the contact between student and note taker. Students may be added during the course.

Please note that disability is a sensitive personal data, which means that you must not spread information about students that you come into contact with through your assignment. Information about students with disabilities may also be subject to confidentiality. For example, if you are going to share notes with several students, use the "bcc" function in your e-mail program, so that the students do not see each other's addresses.


For payment, enter an account at Swedbank, see You find your salary specification in Kivra (requires a Swedish social security number). For questions regarding payment please contact

Viktoria Hansson

Coordinator for students with disabilities
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