Meet Dr Henry Kiiza, particpant of "Training for leaders and supervisors in women's and children's health" (7,5 credits)

Dr Henry Kiiza, a medical doctor specialized in obstetrics and gynaecology, particpated in a training supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for key persons in maternal and child health care and nutrition in Sub-Saharan African countries. How has the training helped Dr Henry Kiiza in his profession? How will the training impact his organization and community?

Dr Henry Kiiza. Photo: N/A

Dr Henry Kiiza, medical doctor specialized in obstetrics and gynaecology, Uganda

How has this training helped you in your profession?

This training was an opportunity for me to learn leadership aspects of maternal and child health with emphasis of interdisciplinary approach whereby the midwife plays a central role. Supervision and mentorship were highlighted throughout the training as key components in the improvement of care to mothers and their babies, and ultimately the family. 

How do you think this training will impact or help your organization and community?

The training put to my attention the fact that we need to do things differently in order to reduce maternal and child mortality and morbidity. The training has changed my mindset to adopt practical ways of solving the longstanding problem of poor maternal and child health indicators. This is done by the use of available critical health care workforce in a new approach of midwife led interdisciplinary care in our institutions (MIDWISE*). 

Would you recommend this course to others?
I would definitely recommend this course to other colleagues because it explains practical ways of addressing the poor maternal, newborn and child health indicators in most health care institutions across the country. The course emphasizes how to empower the midwife to work hand in hand, with confidence, with the other specialist health care professionals. This system acknowledges the need to work as teams in any work setting involving a pregnant mother and her unborn or born child.


*MIDWISE is a network of care in which the midwife is the hub of the maternal health care system providing care during the whole reproductive life cycle of the woman.