Selection to Karolinska Institutet’s Global Master’s Programmes

Read these instructions before you complete the CV form:

Please note that this is not an application form. All applications to master's programmes at Karolinska Institutet must be completed online at ( for national applicants). You must have completed your application before submitting your CV.

The selection is based on an overall assessment of your qualifications. A CV form is required for each programme you apply for, where you should list previous studies, as well as relevant extracurricular, work and research experiences and certify them with documentation indicating the time period and tasks of your assignment. Any document used to certify your previous engagements should be issued with an official letterhead/logo/stamp etcetera, and signed by a supervisor. Letters of recommendation are not considered, but can be used to document a relevant experience if your are not able to obtain other certification.

One of the most important parts of the CV is your statement of intent (included in the CV form, limited to one page). The statement of intent should focus on why you would like to study the programme, why you are interested in pursuing your studies at Karolinska Institutet, what you can offer as a student and how you think your studies will benefit your future career.

The CV form must have reached University Admissions, Sweden by 1 February 2021. Please fill out a CV form for each programme you have applied to. You do not need to submit multiple copies of certifying documents. Upload the CV form and certifying documents to your account at under “Other documents”. Do not submit any documents directly to Karolinska Institutet.

In our FAQs you also will find the most frequently asked questions regarding the CV forms.

CV Forms

IMPORTANT: You must fill out the CV form in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please download and save the CV form before you start to fill out the CV form in Adobe Acrobat Reader (do not fill out the form in the embedded pdf-viewer of your web browser). Using any other pdf-viewer than Adobe Acrobat Reader will corrupt the CV form.

Note that all applicants must meet the entry requirements in order to participate in the selection process. You can read more on the application process at Admissions to Global Master’s programmes.

CV Bioentrepreneurship
CV Biomedicine
CV Global Health
CV Health Economics, Policy and Management
CV Health Informatics
CV Nutrition Science
CV Public Health Sciences Epidemiology
CV Public Health Sciences Health Promotion and Prevention
CV Toxicology