Living costs and funding

Before you arrive to Stockholm, you need to check that you have sufficient funds to cover your living costs. Living in Sweden is expensive, but if you plan your purchases and take advantage of the many student discounts it's not impossible to live cheap.

Planning your living costs

The cost of living in Sweden is relatively high compared to other countries and you must be prepared for this. KI unfortunately can't offer financial support to cover for your living costs. You therefore need to finance your stay in Sweden with grants, study assistance from your home country and/or personal funds.

Average monthly budget

Living costs in Stockholm is to a large extent dependent on what kind of accommodation you manage to find. It also depends on your lifestyle and where in the city you live. 

Below is an example of what a typical monthly budget may look like.

Average monthly budget
Item Expenditure
Food 2,810
Accommodation 3,500 - 7,000
Student Union fee, books 200
Local travel 850
Other (insurance, phone, clothing, leisure, etc.) 1,970
Total/Month (SEK) 10,520-14,020

Student discounts with the Mecenat card

All registered students are automatically issued a Mecenat card after registration at KI. The Mecenat card gives you access to a wide range of student discount in areas such as travel, food, leisure, clothing, books etc.

Student friendly budget

Just like in any other city it is possible to find cheap places for food even in expensive Stockholm. Bringing your own food to campus to heat in microwaves is a popular alternative among Swedish students since eating out easily can become a large expense in your budget. 

The secondhand market for clothes and furniture is big in Sweden with many secondhand shops around the city and many online platforms where you can both sell and buy items.