For students attending the course Information about the course Clinical medicine - Emphasis on reproduction and development (22,5hp) course code 2LK111

General information about the course 2LK111 which is divided into four parts: Reproduction (10 credits), Development (10 credits), Clinical Genetics (2 credits) and PU Ethics (0,5 credits).


Starting the course

Introduction week´s goal and organization

The introductory week aims to prepare the course participants both theoretically and practically for the clinical rotating part of the course. The first two days involve lectures on things that we consider important to get right from the start.

Day three - introduction day at each hospital offers practical demonstrations and physical examination, as well as practical information about your clinical rotation and schedule.

Examination & Schedule

The examination consists of both a theoretical and a practical part. The exact form of the examination is announced at the course information of each hospital.


Schedule Autumn 2023

Course dates 28/8-29/11 2023

Study period 1: 28/8 - 11/10
Study period 2: 12/10 - 29/11

Quiz Reproduction:

Study period 1: 14/9 
Study period 2: 26/10

Quiz Development: 

Study period: 8/9
Study period: 27/10

Examination Child-and adolescent psychiatry (part in Development)
Study period 1: 6/10
Study period 2: 17/11

OSCE practical examination (Reproduction):

Study period: 11/10
Study period: 23/11*

Examination Clinical Genetics: 29/9 in Solna

Examination PU Ethics: Given within the course

Written exam 29/11 2023:

Part Reproduction at 08:15-10:45

Part Development at 14:15-16:45


Sports Day: 27/9

Study days:  23/11-28/11 (*Please note! OSCE during study period 2 is scheduled for November 23rd)


Re-examination for the fall semester of 2023:

Clinical Genetics: 17/1 2024

Written exam Part Reproduction and Development: 16/8 2024

OSCE: 18/1 2024


Schedule Spring 2024

Course dates 15/1 - 26/4 2024

Study period 1: 15/1 - 4/3
Study period 2: 5/3 - 26/4

Quiz Reproduction:

Study period 1: 1/2
Study period 2: 21/3

Quiz Development: 

Study period 1: 2/2
Study period 2: 22/3

Examination Child-and adolescent psychiatry (part in Development)
Study period 1: 23/2
Study period 2: 12/4

OSCE practical examination (Reproduction):

Study period 1: 4/3
Study period 2: 22/4*

Examination Clinical Genetics: 16/2 in Solna

Examination PU Ethics: Given within the course

Written examination 26/4 2024 in Solna:

Part Development at 08:15-10:45

Part Reproduction at 14:15-16:45


Sports Day: 14/2 

Study days: 22/4-25/4 (*Please note! OSCE during study period 2 is scheduled for April 22nd)


Re-examination for the spring semester of 2024:

Clinical Genetics: 21/8

OSCE: 22/8

Written exam Part Reproduction and Development: 23/8


More detailed schedules within course 2LK111 are presented on the course page for each part and hospital.
A personal schedule naming each student is published on Canvas at least two weeks before the course starts.

How to register for written examination:

The following applies to written examinations within the course 2LK111 Clinical medicine - emphasis on Reproduction and Development:

  • To participate in the written examination for Part Clinical Genetics, Part Reproduction and/or Development, you must register for the examination in LadokMake sure that you have registered for the English exam in Ladok for each part. If the name of the exam in Ladok is in English, you have registered for the correct exam.
  • Registration for the exams opens at the start of the course and closes 10 days before the exam.
  • Registration for re-exams opens when the results from the previous exams are announced and will close ten days before the exam. See schedule for examination days.
  • In Ladok you can see when the registration opens and when it closes.
  • You must be registered or re-registered for the current course in order to register for the exam. If you need to register for the course, you must contact your course administrator.
  • Valid NAIS certificate for adaptation in study situation and pedagogical support should be emailed to the course administrator at the start of the course or at the very latest when you register for the exam.
  • Please note that registration for the exam should not be seen as a confirmation of being allowed to write the exam. You need to be approved for all compulsory parts before the exam or apply in writing for an exemption from the course director. 

How to register for the Re-OSCE:

Re-OSCE for the autumn semester of 2023 is held at Södersjukhuset on January 18th 2024.

Students must send a request by e-mail no later than January 7th 2024 to  in order to attend the Re-OSCE.

Register in Ladok

As a student, you have access to a special student interface in Ladok where you can get an overview of your studies and do certain tasks on your own. For example, you can register for the courses you are taking, print out study and registration certificates and apply for degree certificates.

Prior to each new course, you will yourself register in Ladok for the course you are taking. Please observe that the registration i Ladok is mandatory to maintain your place on the course.

The registration is open from one week before the course starts to two days after it has started. 

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