For students attending the Master programme in Global Health Application - Exchange Studies

The last day to apply for exchange studies is October 1.

How Do I Apply?

The application for exchange studies is a two-step process. First you apply for an exchange at KI and if you are accepted then you will be nominated for exchange studies by KI. After you have been nominated you will then apply to the partner institution.

To apply, please click on the link below. It will take you to our Mobility Online database where you will be asked to first create an account. After that you will receive an email and by following the link included in that email you will be able to access your account in Mobility Online and submit the necessary documents to finalize your application.

The applications will be ranked after the deadline and the exchange study places will be allocated according to the ranking.

Please read the information below about the actual application and the application process. An incomplete application will be prioritized lower or not processed at all.

What to Include in Your Application

Application Form

You will have to upload a downloaded copy of your completed online application form in Mobility-Online.

Curriculum Vitae (CV) 

Your CV should be well written and easy to understand. A recommended CV site is Europass CV.

Transcript of Records

A "Transcript of Records" in English from the Ladok register. You can download it yourself directly from "Ladok on Web". 

Motivation Letter 

Your personal statement of motivation should be written in English and be a maximum of one A4 page in length, and is an important part of your application. Present yourself briefly in the introduction and state why you wish to take part in an exchange. Experience and special interests referred to in the letter should be relevant to your application. 

Reference Letter

A letter of reference from a lecturer or other person of equal rank at KI. Your reference should state how he/she assesses your capacity to cope with a study period abroad as well as your ability to function as a representative of KI at a foreign university. Instead of a personally written letter of reference, you can use the standard form below. 

Online Application Form

Link to Online Application

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