For students attending the Master's Programme in Toxicology Which universities can I go to?

Here you can find out more about the exchange possibilities within your programme

Information about our partner universities:

The list of partner universities can be found here

Please observe that our exchange agreements are updated continuously and only the ones available in the application portal are the valid ones. If you want to see all KI's exchange agreements please visit this page.

Extra information regarding our exchange agreement in CANADA

Please observe that it is not possible to do the longer degree project (37,5 ECTS) at the University of Toronto.

University of Toronto (School of Graduate studies)

Find out about studying in Canada on the EduCanada web site.

University of Toronto

For information regarding the application process, please visit the following page (Graduate studies).

One or more elective courses have to be additionally selected when going on exchange to Toronto for a research project. This is mandatory to obtain a full-student visa in Canada. Here you can read more about life as an international student at the University of Toronto.

If students are interested in going on exchange to the University of Toronto Mississauga (undergraduate campus) to do research, the process has changed a few times over the last 18 months, but currently you should reach out early to their international coordinator Andrew Sedmihradisky ( and he can put you in touch with staff in the Experiential Education Unit (EEU) – who will assist you in finding a project/supervisor. Please do so s early as possible so you will have an idea of whether research in your area of interest is possible. The EEU  can walk you through the process and help you find a project in their ROP program detailed here; 

Research Opportunity Program (ROP)

All research areas are potentially possible, but they vary from year to year depending on which professors have submitted projects or not.  

Students studying at the University of Toronto need to take a minimum of 1.5 U of T credits per semester. Assuming your research project is worth 1.0 credits, you’d need to take at least 1 (and up to 3) more 0.5 credit course. Students can view the courses available in an academic year using the UTM Timetable linked below – if you need a detailed syllabus for a particular course you can reach out  to Andrew and he can download it for you. 

UTM Timetable

How are the places distributed between the biomedical programmes?

Most of the agreements in Biomedicine are common to the Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes. The places at the universities have been distributed between the bachelor’s programmes on the one hand and the master’s programmes on the other. The places that appear on the list of ”Exchange universities” are places initially intended for master’s students. Additional places that are intended primarily for bachelor’s/master's courses are available at most of the universities. Vacant exchange places on one of the programmes can be allotted to students on the other. NB: you should always apply for student exchange within the training programme on which you are studying.

Are there other ways of studying abroad?

If BIONK does not offer what you are looking for, you can apply independently for a place as a ”freemover” at a foreign university. There are no formal impediments to this, although you must expect to put in quite a lot of work in finding a foreign university and arranging the exchange on your own behalf. The advantages of applying for BIONK places are many: you normally do not have to pay the often high tuition fees that almost all foreign universities charge; you will be studying at a university at which BIONK has cultivated contacts that ease the work of getting your foreign studies credited at KI; and there is less ”paperwork”. A student who applies independently must send for all the application forms and information and has to organise everything on his/her own behalf. The international student advisory service can help with certain attestations but unfortunately cannot assist with the application itself.

Read more about our "freemover" programs. Here you can also find all the documents to travel abroad as freemover.

Vacant places
Are you interested in applying for a vacant place? Please contact your International Coordinator Giulia Grillo Mikrut

Summer courses
Our partner universities organize summer courses. More information can be found here.


Best Travel Report 

Every student going abroad as officially nominated is requested to write a travel report. All students allowing us to publish their travel reports with their name and email address compete for the Best Travel Report of the Year award which includes a money prize. Here you can read about the latest winners.

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