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Application process for Bachelor's Programme in Biomedicine

Application Part 1: to KI

How do I get started?

Start by thinking about what you would like your study abroad period to be like. Read up on the options and search for more information by reading previous fellwo students' exchange reports. The list of partner universities can be found here.

In the online application form, you will be able to rank up to six options.

How do I apply?

The application is entirely online and the link can be found here. 

Please see all our deadlines in the main section of the Study Abroad pages.

What to include in the application:

1. The Application Form

  • Apply online following the link above.
  • The application to our exchange study program is only online. Follow the instructions carefully: an incomplete application results in not being considered for exchange studies by the international committee. Late applications will not be considered in the first round of applications.

    The electronic application is constituted by two parts. The first part is the online registration where you state your contact details, information about your present studies, which semester you are studying and which programme you are registered in at Karolinska Institutet. You can state up to 6 preferences in the order that you choose to prioritize. You will only be able to choose universities with which your programme has a bilateral agreement.

    After you have registered your application online you will receive an automatic generated email with a link that you will have to follow in order to complete your application with all the extra necessary documents. This last step can be done online directly in Mobility Online.

2. Curriculum Vitae (CV) in English

  • Your CV should be well-written in reverse chronological order and easy to understand.
  • If you do not already have a CV, a web site that can help you to get started is Europass.
  • State your language skills according to the EU CEFR scale.
  • You do not need to send any supporting documentation, but should be prepared to produce it on request.

3. Transcript of Records

  • A Transcript of Records in English from the Ladok register should be included in your application as proof of your study merits. It can be obtained by yourself directly from "Ladok on Web". No stamp or signature is required on this document.
  • We do no longer require that the students upload stamped and signed Transcripts. It is enough that you download a version of your transcript from Ladok and upload them in Mobility Online.

4. Motivation Letter in English

  • A personal statement of motivation should be written in English and be a maximum of one A4 page in length, using the Times New Roman, 12 point font.
  • Your motivation letter is an important part of your application and should therefore be well-written. Present yourself briefly in the introduction and bear in mind that the letter should deal with why you wish to take part in an exchange. Experience and special interests referred to in the letter should be relevant to your application.

5. Documented research experience

  • In case you have research experience (such as a summer internship at a lab, etc.), include a certificate, diploma, or letter from a supervisor – this must be signed and stamped

A letter of refence is no longer requested by BIONK.


Application Form

The updated list of our partner universities will be found here.

Please see all our deadlines in the main section of the Study Abroad pages.

Step by step instructions for how to complete and submit the electronic application form:

1. Online application Form

  • Read through the application form before you start.
  • Read all the notes carefully.
  • Fill in the details. You may change, erase, switch and arrange things as you like during this phase, but you cannot save a copy of your application to continue at a later stage.
  • Submit the application.

2. Acknowledgement

  • You will immediately receive an acknowledgement on the computer that your application has been registered.
  • Your application will have a unique registration number.
  • Make a note of the registration number.
  • Log in to Mobility Online and complete your application by uploading all the necessary attachments (CV, motivation letter, Transcript of Records, research experience and so on)

Selection and Nomination

Is it difficult to be selected?

It depends on where you wish to go. Some universities are always more popular, but in general the possibilities of going on exchange are good. The following basic criteria need to be fulfilled in order to be nominated for exchange studies at the Bachelor’s programme in Biomedicine:

Study merits:

  • That you have passed all your courses in the programme before the exchange studies, checked April 15 or September 15 depending on when the exchange takes place.
  • In order to be eligible for exchange in semester 3 you have to have completed the entire semester 1 and the course Medical Biochemistry from semester 2 on at the latest on April 15.
  • In order to be eligible for exchange in semester 6, you must have passed all the courses from semester 1-4 on September 15. Moreover, you must have passed Moment 1/Part 1 on the course Molecular Oncology and Applied Biostatistics, in addition to having participated in the obligatory sessions of Molecular Medicine.
  • Studying abroad usually requires more of a student - for example in terms of individual study skills, and being able to adapt to different pedagogical techniques - than studying in Sweden. In order to succeed with your exchange studies, it is therefore important that you have good study merits from KI.

One year at KI: i.e. at least 60 ECTS must be completed in the Biomedicine programme in order to be nominated for exchange. 

Language skills: that you master the language of instruction at the university abroad or have a plan for how to acquire those skills. You are advised to specify your language skills according to the CEFR scale.

Being a good representative for KI: As an exchange student from KI you represent KI at the partner university abroad. You shape the image that the partner university have of KI, and therefore you have an important role for continued exchange of students. You are expected to contribute to the recruitment of exchange students from our partner universities. 

The motivation letter: should state why you are motivated for exchange studies and any possible documented interest in a specific area of research, course, university or country. The motivation letter must be written in English. 

Erasmus+ rules: If you are going abroad within Europe the rules require that you are abroad for at least 60 days in order to receive the Erasmus stipend.

If you fulfil the basic criteria, your application is evaluated according to the following criteria:

Evaluation criteria for exchange studies

  • Study results (0 – 5 points)
  • Based on passed courses within your current programme, when they were passed and grades received.
  • Previous research experience in relevant fields (0 – 5 points) - excluding those included in study programmes, e.g. graduate theses, junior projects etc). If you claim research credentials, you must attach a letter of reference from your research supervisor with the application.
  • Promotion work for KI (0 – 2 points) - Extra-curricular work in order to promote education at KI, e.g. as digital ambassador, student ambassador, work as an MF student representative on the programme committee or other bodies within KI. Note that assessment of these commitments is specific to the biomedical programmes and BUS has a template for the certificates. Only certified activities will be considered.
  • Overall assessment of the application (0 – 5 points)
  • The overall assessment includes
  • Letter of Motivation, including why you would be a good candidate to nominate for exchange studies. Max one A4 page.
  • Other commitments, e.g. extra work or involvement in other associations.
  • Special interest in particular courses and/or institutions
  • In addition, bachelor students who have been on exchange to Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) during the third or fourth semester, and passed the courses, will gain an additional 1 point when evaluated for exchange on semester six of the Bachelor’s programme in Biomedicine.

Half points can be used.

Bachelor’s students, maximum 18 points.

How does the selection work?

After the application deadline BIONK will make the ranking according to the rules above and the students who have applied will be ranked according to their merits. Thereafter the available university places abroad will be divided according to the ranking list. The students that do not receive their first-hand choice may remain on the waiting list for their top choice (notify the International Coordinator - see contacts section). 


As soon as the decision has been made by BIONK in February/March you will receive an email informing you that you have been nominated for exchange studies. In this email you will receive further instructions and information from the International Coordinator (see contacts). Note that you need to accept or decline your exchange place according to the deadline stated in this email. Upon acceptance of your exchange study place, the international coordinator will inform the partner university. At that point you will start the application process at the university abroad. 

Revision of guidelines for nomination (from May 2020 and onwards)

If a student defies his/her nominated place and applies instead for an exchange place in the second nomination round, he/she will be placed last in the list of applicants.

Note that you are not accepted for exchange studies until you have received an official letter of acceptance from the partner university. Please do not make any travel arrangement until you have receive a Letter of Acceptance from our partner university.

Application part 2: to the partner university

When you have received the nomination for exchange studies from BIONK you need to start planning your studies and application to the partner university abroad. 
Apply to the partner university

The International Coordinator contacts the partner university and nominates you for exchange which means that you will have to fill out a formal application to the partner university. Most universities have their application forms and procedures on their websites. The application procedures differ between universities and it is important that you find out the application process for the university you are applying for, which documents you need and when the deadline is. It is your own responsibility to complete the application on time but the International Coordinator will be happy to help you and answer questions.
Planning your studies - coursework or project

When you apply for exchange studies you need to specify which courses you are going to take or which project you are going to do. This can take time so start early! Most universities abroad have project databases or will assist or give advise in looking for a suitable project. The Travel reports from previous exchange students are a good source of information. When you have found a supervisor abroad, contact Jonas Sundbäck and confirm that the project is OK. You will also need a supervisor at KI. A Learning Agreement will be signed before you go abroad.

  • The International Coordinator notifies the university abroad that you have been nominated
  • Find out application procedures and deadlines
  • Look for a supervisor/establish which courses you are going to take abroad
  • Contact the Academic Coordinator (Jonas Sundbäck) to discuss your project plan
  • Get your Learning Agreement signed
  • Send the application form along with all necessary documents

Note that you are not accepted for exchange studies until you have received an official letter of acceptance from the partner university.

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