Subject areas for executive and professional education

We offer professional education in a broad range of areas. Many of our courses are customised courses, which give your employees access to the latest advances in medical science and research, on your own terms.  The courses below are not currently open for open enrollment, but if you are interested in setting up any of these courses for staff in your organisation, please contact us:

Mother with child in her arms and man with pneumonia diagnosis ustensil (pulse oximetry system) i sub-sahara Africa.
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Primary care

Gain knowledge of strategies and best practices to improve health services at the primary care level and community level.

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Management & organisation

Develop greater insight into the challenges facing health care organizations, and how the evidence can help you develop approaches to be better able to address these challenges.

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Learn more about dementia, the ageing of the brain, as well as treatment and care of the elderly and on the healthy aging.

Mother with child
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Midwifery maternity care – antenatal care

Care during labour and birth, postpartum care and sexual/contraceptive counseling. Based on the philosophy of women-centered care with an emphasis on communication skills.

3D rendered illustration of breast cancer
Breast cancer. Photo: Getty Images (SciePro)


Learn about tumor biology;  risk factors, diagnosis and treatment of common cancer types.  Gain att better understanding of tumor biology, the biological mechanisms underlying tumor initiation, growth and progression and of recent and emerging cancer drugs.  

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Master’s courses and clinical specialisation in the following field.

Translational medicine

Gain knowledge and techniques in translational medicine to promote enhancements in the global healthcare system.

Medical technology and diagnostics

Improve your capabilities and expertise to support the development of medical devices and diagnostics.

Current courses

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