About Executive and Professional Education

Karolinska Institutet offers competence development for health care professionals in areas such as global & public health, primary care, dentistry and management & organisation. The courses are led by leading experts, based on the latest research and are designed to advance your practice of health care and improve your patient outcomes.

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Flexible online learning or onsite training

Enhanced skills from leading experts

  • The courses are designed and led by leading experts and master clinicians to increase your skills and improve your patient outcomes and maximise benefits to your organisation.
  • Participants are provided with enhanced skills and tools based on the latest research.
  • Courses are informative, collaborative and use a participatory teaching modality designed to maximise learning and interaction with peers and tutors.

Professional education in the form of contract education

Executive and professional education accommodates the needs for competence development within an organisation. In Sweden competence development at higher education institutions is delivered in the form of "contract education". Contract education means that executive and professional education courses can only be commissioned and paid for by a legal entity, a company, organisation or the equivalent. 


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