Apply for a bachelor's programme

Karolinska Institutet offers one bachelor's programme in English, the Bachelor's Programme in Biomedicine. You submit your application to Sweden's central application portal Here is our step-by-step guide on how to apply.

1. Check what admissions round you should apply to

There are two admissions rounds for the Bachelor's Programme in Biomedicine at KI.

2. Check the entry requirements

To be eligible for the bachelor's programme you need to meet the general and specific entry requirements and prove your English language proficiency.

3. Apply

You apply at

Good to know

  • Your application will not be processed until you have paid the application fee (non-EU/EEA) or submitted proof of your EU/EEA/Swiss citizenship.
  • Ranking your programmes is important! If you are offered your first choice, all other programmes with lower ranking will be deleted from your application. This also applies to programmes you may have applied to at other universities.
  • Documents received after the deadline for the supporting documentation will not be considered.
  • If you already have university level studies, you must also check the documentation requirements for master's applicants.

4. Follow your application

Once you have applied check for messages from University Admissions in your account. University Admissions will notify you if you are missing any documents. However, it may take several weeks for University Admissions to assess you documents, and there is no guarantee that they will notify you before the documentation deadline.

Good to know:

  • By applying early, you increase the chances of getting notified about missing or incorrect documents before the documentation deadline. 
  • The status you can see at your account on University Admissions is not a final admissions result.

What happens now?


International Admissions Team at KI