Contractual terms and conditions - continuing professional development

General contractual terms and conditions for continuing professional development at Karolinska Institutet.

In signing the confirmation of application the Customer accepts these general terms and conditions and in so doing enters into an agreement with Karolinska Institutet, org. nr 202100–2973, 171 77 Stockholm, the Contractor (herein under referred to as KI).

Background and purpose

KI offers continuing professional development (CPD) under the provisions of the Ordinance on contract education at higher education institutions (2002:760).

Term of agreement

The agreement is effective as of the course start date until the conclusion date as stated in the course information. The agreement ceases to be effective without the need for active termination.

KI’s undertaking

KI undertakes to offer the CPD course as stated in the confirmation of application (herein under referred to as the Course).

If necessary, KI will appoint a course leader, instructor and examiner. After completion of the course, KI shall grade the participants and issue diplomas or course certificates.


The Course participants shall be selected by the Customer. The Customer is only entitled to select participants from amongst its employees.

For CPD in the form of an entire Master’s programme and degree project course, the Customer may only select participants who meet the same specific entry requirements for the courses/programmes as apply to regular university students. KI will screen participants’ qualifications to ensure that these requirements are met.


Credit-bearing courses shall be implemented as per the syllabus; non-credit-bearing courses shall be implemented as per the course information.

Teaching material and equipment.

The Customer shall provide teaching material and any technical equipment and software required for the course.

Participants with special needs

If the Customer selects participants with special needs related to disability KI can supply aids on its own premises. The Customer is liable for any related extra costs.

Clinical placements

If the Course includes clinical placements in a Region Stockholm hospital or clinic, Region Stockholm requires participants to present a health certificate. KI shall provide health declarations and issue certificates. It is the Customer’s responsibility to see to any medical follow-up and complementary information or action participants might need before a health certificate may be issued.

Personal data

KI is independently responsible for handling the participants’ personal data as supplied and undertakes to comply with all relevant laws.

Disciplinary action

Participants on CPD courses are not students at KI and are thus not covered by the disciplinary provisions of the Higher Education Ordinance (1993:100).

The Customer assigns KI the right to apply KI’s guidelines for CPD (ref. no 1‑303/2019) in cases of suspected cheating or other misconduct.

KI reserves the right to decide that the participant may not return to the Course for a specified length of time.

KI undertakes to inform the Customer of its decision as soon as possible after it has been made.

Payment and payment terms

The Customer shall pay the fees stated in the Course information or as quoted per participant, plus VAT.

KI shall invoice the Customer approximately 6 weeks before the start of the course with a payment term of 30 days. Late payment shall be subject to interest as provided in the Interest Act (1975:635).

Any applicable registration fees shall be paid by the date stated in the course information.

Note that CPD may not be purchased by private individuals or sole traders. The Customer must be a juridical person, which shall be stated on the registration form.

Invoice address and references shall be provided in the registration and the Registration Confirmation.


The Course price includes written examination and a re-examination. Any examination re-sit shall be held no later than 6 months after the end of the Course, unless otherwise agreed.

The participants shall submit their examination assignments or the equivalent before the end of the Course. Any complementary material required for a passing grade must be submitted no later than 6 months after the end of the Course.

A fee will be charged for any extra examination required depending on the nature of the examination.

A participant may not be examined more often than as stated in KI’s general examination rules or the syllabus.

In the case of clinical placements (VFU) or work-integrated learning (VIL) any additional examination will incur a charge depending on the extent of the VFU or work-experience period.

The above applies on condition that KI is able to arrange new VFU or VIL.

Cancelling or discontinuing courses

Registration is binding once the Customer has signed the confirmation of application form, which shall be sent to KI for receipt no later than eight working days after registration in order to be valid. The Course content, fee and registration deadline are stated in the information for each course, which can be found on

The Customer shall immediately inform KI if the Customer is unable to start or complete the Course at the times stated in the course information. The Customer is then obliged to compensate KI as follows:

  • For cancellations made later than six (6) weeks before Course start: 50 per cent of the Course fee
  • For cancellations made later than three (3) weeks before Course start: 100 per cent of the Course fee

This also applies to the cost per participant of any individual who is registered on the Course who fails to complete it.

KI reserves the right to cancel the agreement before its expiry date after notifying the Customer in writing to this effect. The agreement will then cease to be effective 14 days after such notice has been sent.

If the Customer is in any significant breach of this agreement, the Customer will receive a written request to rectify matters. Should the Customer fail to do so within thirty (30) days of receipt of said request, KI reserves the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect.


The Customer shall ensure that the participants are insured and hold the customary third-party insurance for the duration of the Course.


The Customer shall be liable for all injury or damage caused by the Course participants when on the KI premises, including injury/damage resulting from such.

The parties’ damages liability is limited by this agreement to direct injury/damage. It does not cover indirect damages, including but not limited to loss of income profit or production. This limitation does not apply, however, to indirect damage caused by wilful or grossly negligent act.

Intellectual property rights

This agreement does not entail any transfer of intellectual property rights, meaning that the copyright for teaching material etc. is retained by the copyright-holder. The material may not be duplicated or circulated without the copyright-holders consent.

Brand and marketing

The Customer and the Contractor may not use each other’s name and logo for the purposes of marketing their own organisation or for its services and products without the written consent of the other party.

Transfer and amendments

The Customer may not transfer this agreement to a third party without KI’s consent.


Participants on CPD courses are not students at KI and are not covered by the disciplinary provisions of the Higher Education Ordinance (1993:100). They therefore do not have access to the student health or advisory services.

CPD courses are not eligible for student grants.

Approved leave is not permitted for CPD course participants.

Comprehensive regulation and precedence

The agreement comprises these general terms and conditions and the Registration Confirmation. Should there be a discrepancy between the two, these general terms and conditions shall take precedence.