For students attending the Master's Programme in Biomedicine Accreditation

Information about accreditation/transfer of credits

Applications for accreditation of whole course or part of course should be handed in to the course examiner, the exception being accreditation for elective courses or exchange studies comprising multiple courses (e.g. exchange of semester 3 in Leiden), where the application should be sent to the programme officer. You have to fill out one application form for each course you wish to accredit. Take your time filling out the application form, so you get everything filled out correctly. When you are applying for accreditation of elective courses, write Elective courses in the field "Name of course at KI" and leave the field "Course code" empty.

For the credits that are transferred no financial aid for studies can be obtained.

Grades are not obtained for courses that are accredited.

Decision in advance is only given when going on exchange studies.

Accreditation of exchange studies in the third semester

After exchange studies in the third semester you must send in applications for accreditation for the 15 credit research project (this application should be sent to the course leader for the 15 credits research project, Velmurugesan Arulampalam). More information about accreditation and the credit transfer application form can be found on the following web pages:

Credit transfer

Administrative forms

In your application you have to include:

  • Official transcript showing the name and credits of the course, in both the course's orginal language as well as in English. If the course was studied at an international university you also need to add information about the course's duration in weeks/hours - e.g. a schedule.
  • Course syllabus
  • For elective courses a motivation to why this course should be accredited into the programme should be added.
  • If available, add laboratory reports and other documents that you think may help us decide whether or not this course has the right content and level.

We cannot give back any documents so don't hand in any originals, only certified copies.

The turnover time for decisions regarding accreditation is 4 to 8 weeks

To be able to take a decision regarding the application before the course you want to accredit starts, the application has to be submitted two months before the start of the course. All information has to be filled out correctly and all the required documents included. The turnover time starts first when a complete application has been submitted. 

Send your application to

If your application is regarding ordinary courses within the programme the application should be sent to course responsible department.

If your application is regarding elective courses or exchange studies comprising more than one course the application should be sent to:

Markus Jonegård
Education Support Office
Berzelius väg 3
Karolinska Institutet
171 77 Stockholm

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