Links to support

Below are links to support functions at KI as well as some links to websites outside the university, which may be particularly relevant for students with disabilities.

University Library, KIB

At Karolinska Institutet's university library, also called KIB, there is the Academic Writing Support.

Here you can download the text-to-speech software Tortalk.

If you have a reading disability you can get an account on Legimus (adapted material, for example read literature) via KIB.

Digital Tools

You have access to Office 365 via your KI account. In Office 365 there is dictation (old microphone-symbol), text to speech and spelling/grammar (see Editor). Read more about our digital tools and services for students.

In Canvas there is also the text to speech feature ReadSpeaker:

ReadSpeaker in Canvas for students

TextAid in Canvas

GO Students

A guide to navigating online learning more successfully: self enrol

Some links to support outside KI (most in Swedish)

Dyslexiförbundet - Dyslexia Association

Logopeden i skolan (see app tips)

Läs- och skrivstöd i surfplatta, mobiltelefon och dator

Riksförbundet Attention - National Association Attention

Jobbafrisk NPF

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