Master's Courses in Dementia Care

Develop effective and quality-assured dementia care. Distance learning and part-time study over 2 years. Two courses available; for physicians and physiotherapists & occupational therapists.

Multiprofessional course on dementia

Effective and quality assured dementia care

Master's Courses in Dementia Care is a comprehensive training that covers the latest research, diagnosis and treatment to organisational models for dementia care. An efficient dementia care will benefit not only your patient, but also their families, your organisation and the society at large.

Learn more from our participants

Learning at your convenience

This online training is focused on interactive, student-centered learning. Curious to find out how the online format works? Listen to the experiences from one our participants. 

Research and best practice

The Master's Courses in Dementia Care focus on research and best practice, and prepare you to interact with dementia patients in a professional manner. Learn how one participant has benefited from the training. 

Leadership training

This unique training provides leadership training to be able to lead the team around a dementia patient.