Master's Courses in Dementia Care for Physicians (60 credits, web-based)

Karolinska Institutet offers Master's Courses in Dementia Care for Physicians - a unique education that addresses a wide range of aspects, from the latest research, diagnosis and treatment to organisational models for dementia care.

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This unique opportunity is offered in cooperation with Stiftelsen Silviahemmet and participants who complete the course will earn the title of Silvialäkare (Silvia Doctor). The diploma as well as an official pin of completion will be presented by H. M. Queen Silvia of Sweden at a ceremony. 

Purpose and goal

Dementia diseases are costly and often long-term and those diagnosed with it are in great need of medical expertise and quality care. The Master's Courses in Dementia Care focus on research and best practices, and prepare you to interact with dementia patients in a professional manner.

After completing the courses, you will have a deeper understanding of dementia as a whole, and increased proficiency in dealing with dementia patients in all phases of the disease. The goal is to enable you to contribute to the development of effective and quality-assured dementia care in your organisation.

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Target group

Physicians who want to deepen their understanding of dementia care and gain knowledge on how to develop their own organisation to better meet the needs of modern dementia care.

Course content

The master's courses in dementia care for physicians consists of eight modules, addressing the following areas:

  • The cognitive and emotional functions of the brain and how they change with age.
  • Nerve cell structure, functions and effects of ageing.
  • Basic knowledge of light cognitive impairment, the different types of dementia, confusion, behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia.
  • Medical, social and functional investigation of suspected dementia.
  • Continuous treatment as the disease progresses.
  • Medication, rehabilitation and nursing care.
  • Severe dementia care and palliative care.
  • Care and work models.
  • Various organisational and management models for dementia care.

A more extensive presentation of the courses are presented in the course content pages.

Course leader

"Dementia diseases are examples of age-related conditions on the rise in society. These are complicated diseases, as patients often live with them for decades. The situation is further complicated by the broad range of symptoms dementia can display. It is therefore important for physicians to be able to recognise early signs of dementia, know its progression and know how best to manage the various complications."

Professor Lars-Olof Wahlund

Time and place

The courses are conducted during four semesters: autumn 2024 until until the autumn 2026, starting on 5 November 2024. The studies are entirely web-based and equal to a one-year master's degree. The master’s courses take place over two years as part-time studies to enable you to work at the same time.


The price for the master’s courses is 214 000 SEK (two hundred and fourteen thousand SEK) excluding VAT (Value-added tax).

Master's courses as contract education

The master's courses are offered as contract education, in accordance with the Ordinance (SFS 2002:760) on Contract Education at Universities and University Colleges, and the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education's directions for Contract Education at Universities and University Colleges (HSVFS 2003:3).

Thus, the courses can be commissioned only by a legal entity - an organisation, company or the equivalent.

If you are a physician and wish to participate in the program, first confirm that your employer will cover the cost, then contact us to apply.

Entry requirements

In order to meet the entry requirements, applicants must have a medical degree from an internationally recognised university. The language of instruction is English, and applicants are recommended to have a good proficiency in English. The studies are entirely web-based and are equal to a one-year master's programme taking place over two years of part-time study.

The master's courses are offered as contract education and can be commissioned only by a legal entity - an organisation, company or the equivalent.

Application process

To register for the Master's Courses in Dementia Care for Physicians (60 credits), please:

  1. Click to fill in the electronic application.
  2. Add the following required documents to your application in order to attest your general eligibility to the Master's Courses in Dementia Care for Physicians:

    • Documentation of university degree diploma and official transcript of records of completed courses and grades for each semester. 
    • Proof of skills in English (For International participants from a non-English speaking country)
    • ID

    The attached documents must be scans of the original degree diploma, transcript of record and authorised translations (if applicable). Karolinska Institutet will not accept scans of copies/certified copies. If your documents have been issued in colour then you must scan them in colour. Please make sure that you scan all pages (including for example diploma covers, pages which only contain stamps or information on the education system), and make sure that all details are visible.

  3. After the admissions process, an agreement will be signed with your employer/paying organisation. 

More details about the application process can be found in the document below: "Application process Master's Courses in Dementia Care for Physicians".

Application deadline is 15 September 2024.

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