Student support and resources

During your time as student at KI you have access to a number of support functions that can help you out.

Academic writing support at the University Library

The academic writing support helps you improve your academic writing, reading, and oral presentation skills. You can book an appointment or attend one of their workshops.

Academic writing support


Support in information searching & reference management

Are you searching for scientific articles or writing references and need advice? Choose between drop-in support, and booked support. Our librarians are here to help both students and staff at KI!   
Support in information searching & reference management

Career support for students

Take the opportunity to take advantage of all career support that is available to you while you are still a student at Karolinska Institutet. 

Career support for students

Incident - in case something has happened

Have you been involved in an accident, feel that you have been harassed, noticed a risk in your study environment or want to give suggestions of improvement related to your study environment? In order to improve KI as a study- and workplace, we need to learn from events that have occurred. Therefore, there is an incident reporting system where students can report if something has happened.

Incident - in case something has happened

International coordinators

The International coordinators at Karolinska Institutet assist officially nominated inbound and outbound exchange students. Each programme has its own International Coordinator.

International Coordinators

Language café

Practice your language skills at the KI Language café. You can also be one of the student coordinators at the café to collect merits that can be used when you apply for studies abroad.

Language café at KI

Student Wellbeing Centre

The Student Wellbeing Centre is available for all KI students and is a complement to regular health care in Sweden. The Student Wellbeing Centre's staff have a duty of confidentiality and their own separate medical record system. All visits to the Student Wellbeing Centre are free of charge. You can contact them if you for example have problems with stress, performance anxiety, difficulty concentrating or difficulty sleeping.

The Student Wellbeing Centre also conducts MRSA screening, organizes seminars on various topics, and provides access to lifestyle tests.

Student Wellbeing Centre webpage

Resources for health and wellbeing for students

COPE - a guide for student wellbeing is a collection of easily accessible and research-based information on how to take care of your psychosocial health during your studies. COPE aims to promote psychosocial health in students and contains modules with different themes for psychosocial health:

  • Performance demands
  • Physical activity
  • Occupational balance
  • Social relationships
  • Sleep
  • Difficult emotions and worry
  • Changing habits

Students’ and doctoral students’ ombudspersons

The students’ and doctoral students’ ombudspersons is an independent office, employed by the student union, to whom you may turn to with matters related to your studies at KI, such as if you feel unfairly treated by someone at KI or have problems in your dealings with other students or members of staff.

Students’ and doctoral students’ ombudspersons

Study counsellors

There is a study counsellor for each programme and free standing course at KI.
Programme study counsellors can help you navigate the rules and requirements of your programme, and on issues related to student life as well as planning your studies. Communication with them is confidential. You find the contact information to your study counsellor on the programme webpage for admitted students.

Programme study counsellors - Global Programmes

Study technique 

Do you want to sharpen your study techniques and find balance in your studies? Here you will find tips on how to study smarter.

Study skills and habits

Studying with disabilities 

Karolinska Institutet can provide students with disabilities with special support during your studies. Students with disabilities at KI should be guaranteed the same high level of education and the same good quality study environment as other students.

Studying with disabilities 

Coordinator for students with disabilities

Support in information search and reference management

The University Library's librarians can help you with search strategies and how to find and use different sources. You can also get help with reference management.

Book an appointment or get help via the Library's drop in service