For students attending the course Applied epidemiology 1 – distribution of health, (5 ECT credits) course code 4FH089

This course aims to give advanced knowledge of epidemiological surveillance and its application within different contexts in the public health care. Throughout lectures, interactive seminars, individual work and computer exercises, we will learn to define different methods and data sources that are used for epidemiological surveillance, assess the quality of various epidemiological surveillance systems and carry out, interpret statistical analyses and report descriptive epidemiological data.


Welcome to the course "Applied epidemiology 1 – distribution of health", Spring 2023

The course starts January 26, 2023.

A very varm welcome to semester two and the course Applied epidemiology 1 – distribution of health in master program in Public Health Sciences. We are looking forward to meet you all on January 26, 2023 at 09:00. Lecture hall will be announced. 


Registration to keep your place and attend the course is compulsory. You register yourself in Ladok. The registration period is one week before the course starts and three days into the course. More information about web registration 

The morning introduction will be followed by a roll-call. Please contact us beforehand if you have any difficulties attending the first day.

During the first day you will receive detailed information about the course. 


For further information about this course, please contact:

Ana Requena Mendez 
Course leader and examiner




Course analysis and course evaluation

Course analysis and course evaluation will be published one mouth after the end of the course. 

Contact information

Ana Requena Mendez

Course director and examiner
K2 Department of Medicine, Solna

Amina Samuelsson

Education administration
K9 Department of Global Public Health

GPH Study Counsellor