For students attending the Master’s Programme in Public Health Sciences Contact information - MPH

Master’s Programme in Public Health Sciences is run by the Department of Global Public Health at KI. Here you can find information about who to contact and where the department is located.


Program Director

Jette Möller:

Jette Möller

Lecturer senior
K9 Department of Global Public Health


Programme Administrator: Lena Björk:

Educational Administrator: Amina Samulesson:

Departmental Director of Education: Helle M. Alvesson:

Study Counsellor

Carla Sturm is the study counsellor for the students in the Master’s Program in Public Health Sciences.

The study counsellor may help you with:

  • Guidance about the education and your studies
  • Give advice about study techniques
  • Questions concerning leaves of absence, welfare issues etc.

Visiting address: Solna, Widerströmska huset, Tomtebodavägen 18 a, floor 3 (the door is closed, ring the doorbell)

Carla Sturm


Educational administration

Educational administrator

Amina Samuelsson:

Lena Björk:

Student representatives

Manasvini Moni
Emma Wallengren

Student influence at Karolinska institutet

Map of Campus Solna

Map of Campus Solna