For students attending the Master's Programme in Toxicology Information for newly admitted students

Welcome to the Master's Programme in Toxicology 2024. Here you can find important information regarding introduction, registration and the start of the programme.


All new students on the KI Global Master's and Bachelor's Programmes are invited to introduction activities which will take place during the week prior to the study start.

More  information about the introduction week for 2024 will be provided on the general welcome pages. Here you will also find the pre-arrival guide with information that you need prior to your arrival in Sweden.


Programme and course start

Monday 2 September
The Master's programme starts on Monday 2 September with a mandatory roll call. Further information will follow. 
If you for reasons out of your control are unable to attend the programme start you must notify the Programme Director Annika Hanberg ( or you will risk losing your study place.

Tuesday 3 September
The five Master’s Programmes of Toxicology, Biomedicine, Nutrition, Molecular Techniques in Life Science and Translational Physiology and Pharmacology will have a joint kick-off. Further information will follow.

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To be able to start your studies at Karolinska Institutet (KI), you must first activate your student account and then register for the first course in the programme that you are admitted to. 

1. Activate your student account

An active student account is necessary for studies at KI. If this is the first time you are studying at KI, you must activate your account according to the instructions under the headline “Activation code” at our Student Account web page. You can activate your student account from August 2, 2024. The account must be activated before you can register for your course. 

An activation code will be sent to your email in June 2024 (to the same email address that you used when you applied for the programme), so check your spam/promotion folder if you have not received it. If you cannot find your activation code, contact for guidance. If you already have a Swedish National registration number, you can see more options at the Student Account Web page.  

If you have previously studied at KI, you will continue to use the same student account as before.

2. Register for courses

Once you have activated your student account, you must register for the first course of the programme you are admitted to.

The registration is open between 19 August and 4 September (23:59 hrs) 2024. If you fail to register within this period, we will consider your study place declined and offer it to a waitlisted applicant.

Once you are registered, you are officially considered a student and can participate in course activities and teaching. Note that you must also participate in the mandatory roll call on the first day, please see below.

The course you must register for is: Principles of Toxicology, 7.5 credits (4TX018)

You register by logging in to your student account through this link:

You can always log in and check your registration on the link above. For further information on the registration system and a short introduction film, please click here.

Declining your study place

If you need to decline your study place, please do so by logging in to your account at or and go to “My pages”. If you decide to withdraw from your study place after the registration period has started on August 19, kindly contact the programme officer.


3. Contacts

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. 

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Annika Hanberg

Programme Director
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Kristian Dreij

Deputy Programme Director
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Anna Beronius

Deputy Programme Director
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Åsa Lycke

Programme administrator and Study Counselor
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