For students attending the course Professional development and communication in nutrition science (5 credits) course code 4NT005

In this course, you will get training in communicating nutrition science to the general public and to media in different contexts. The course deals with how diet and health messages are spread and communicated in media, including social media, and how this can be analysed and used to communicate scientific information.


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Introduction to the course

Apart from training in communicating you will get some basics of entrepreneurship, applied in nutrition science areas. You will also get an insight into different career paths in nutrition-related areas inside and outside academia.

The course consists of seminars, group work, journal club, lectures, exercises and discussions. The examination consists of a workshop, a group work and an individual written assignment.


Maria Henström

Course leader

Sara Bruce

Educational administrator

More material and links to resources

Reports, articles and other prescribed literature are listed at course start and will be available electronically.


Canvas is the e-learning platform we are using at KI. Here you will find course material, assignments and a possibility to communicate with students and teachers. One to two weeks before the course starts you will as a student get an invitation by e-mail to the address you used at After accepting the invitation you should be able to access the course.

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