For students attending the Study abroad, Master's Programme in Nutrition Science (120 credits) Exchange opportunity at Deakin University

Within the area of Nutrition Science you have the possibility to do your degree project at Deakin University in Victoria, Australia. You need to contact them yourself to find a suitable project and then apply for a position as explained below (at KI). Deadline to apply is October 1st, so please start looking for a project opportunity in the beginning of the first semester.

Partner university for Degree Projects in Nutrition Science

Deakin University, Victoria, Australia


Dr. Sze-Yen Tan

Senior Lecturer, Nutrition Sciences

Institute of Physical Activity and Nutrition, Deakin University (research areas)


To find out more about the opportunities, regulations and how to go about in relation to doing your Degree Project abroad, please contact the international coordinator or your programme director.

Talia Adamsson

International Coordinator

Magdalena Rosell

Programme director