For students attending the Study abroad, Master's Programme in Nutrition Science (120 credits) Exchange Studies at Deakin University - application

Here is where you can find the information regarding the application for exchange studies at Deakin University, Victoria, Australia.

How to Apply

The application form is available online and must be submitted as a pdf. It is not possible to save a working version of the application to complete later. It is therefore important that you have access to a printer when you complete your application form.

The original copy of the application (including the signed application form and all supplementary documents) must be submitted as a pdf.

Please read the information below about the actual application and the application process. An incomplete application will be prioritised lower or not processed at all.

Applications may be submitted at any time during the academic year, but keep in mind the application deadline of the foreign university to which you are applying to may differ. 

What to Include in Your Application:

Application Form

The application form is available online. Ensure that you start in good time before the application period closes. Print a hard copy before you register the application, sign it and attach a photograph of yourself, enclose the supplementary documents listed below and send the complete application to the International Coordinator.

Curriculum Vitae (CV) in English

Your CV should be well written and easy to understand. You do not need to send any supporting documentation, but should be prepared to produce it on request. A recommended CV site is Europass CV.

Transcript of Records

A "Transcript of Records" in English from the Ladok register should be included in your application. It can be obtained by yourself directly from "Ladok on Web". 

Motivation Letter in English

Your personal statement of motivation should be written in English and be a maximum of one A4 page in length, and is an important part of your application. Present yourself briefly in the introduction and state why you wish to take part in an exchange. Experience and special interests referred to in the letter should be relevant to your application. Under certain circumstances, special factors that have made it difficult to acquire association and work credentials may be taken into account.

Reference Letter

A letter of reference from a lecturer or another person of equal rank at KI is to be included in your application. This letter should indicate the kind of knowledge your referee has of you and how he/she assesses your capacity to cope with a study period abroad.

It should also address your referee's opinion of your ability to function as a representative of KI at the foreign university. The letter of reference is intended for the selection committee and can therefore be written in Swedish or English. The letter of reference is mandatory. Instead of a personally written letter of reference, you can use the standard form below.

An incomplete application will be given lower priority or not processed at all. Applications that arrive too late will not be dealt with in the first application round.

Standard form - reference letter

Online Application Form

Deadline October 1

Step by step instructions for how to complete and submit the electronic application form:

Link to Online Application 

1. Application form

Read through the application form before you start.

Fill in the details. You may change, erase, switch and arrange things as you like during this phase, but you cannot save a copy of your application to continue at a later stage.

When you have completed all the details, you should summarise your application by clicking on "Show summary" at the bottom of the form.

2. Summary

Read through the summary and check that everything is correct.

You can close the summary window, go back to the form and change it as many times as you like.

Click on "Show summary" again after each change.

You should not proceed to the next stage until you are satisfied with the application/summary.

3. Print

Once you are satisfied with the summary, click print at the bottom of the summary page. Note that you must print the summary before you register the application electronically.

4. Submit the Electronic Application Form

After you have printed a hard copy of the application form, click "Submit" at the bottom of the summary page. 

Your details will not be recorded in the database until you have submitted the application form.

Up to this point you can work completely freely, make changes, switch between the form and summary, etc. but once you have submitted your application, you can no longer change the details of your application.

5. Acknowledgement

You will immediately receive an acknowledgement on the computer that your application has been registered.

Your application will have a unique registration number so make a note of it or print out the acknowledgement.

The results of the year’s application round will be presented on the web and these numbers will then be used as ID numbers.

6. Submit the Full Application with Supplementary Documents

Please note that in addition to submitting the application form electronically, you must also submit an electronic version (pdf) of your application (including supplementary documents and a photograph) to the International Coordinator as ONE PDF DOCUMENT.