For students attending the Master's Programme in Nutrition Science (120 ECTS) Selection and nomination - Exchange Studies

The programme has set rules and criteria for exchange studies.


  • Study results: you must be eligible to continue your studies at KI at the time of your departure abroad.
  • Language skills: your study programme will consider your language proficiency or how you plan to acquire the necessary language skills.
  • Good ambassador: your ability of being a good ambassador for KI will be considered. As an exchange student from KI, you will be representing KI at the host institution. 
  • Motivation Letter: your motivation letter should demonstrate that you are motivated to study abroad and, if applicable, provide evidence of interest in a particular course, institution, country etc.

If you fulfil the basic requirements your application will then be considered for nomination according to the following criteria. An overall assessment, incorporating all the criteria below, is always performed.

  • Study results: better study results will receive higher priority.
  • Motivation: special interest in a particular course or institution will be considered in the event of otherwise equal credentials between applicants.
  • Promotion work for KI/active engagement and participation in any of KI’s associations or committees such as MF, Global Friends or other bodies within KI; been an ambassador or mentor for students, etc.
  • Interview or decision by lot: if it is difficult to distinguish between applicants, the study programme may summon them for an interview or decide priority by lot.​​​​

How is the selection done?

Once the application period has closed, the department will make its choice in accordance with the rules and criteria and rank the students in order of preference. The places will be allocated in order of priority – you will be nominated to the university that you have listed with the highest priority in which a vacant place is available. 


As soon as a decision has been made you will be informed that you have been nominated for exchange studies. You will then receive further information and directions from the International Coordinator.

Note that you are responsible for applying to the partner institution after having been nominated by KI. You should contact your Programme Director to discuss a plan for your exchange studies.


It is important to know that you have not been accepted for exchange studies until you have received a confirmation of acceptance or admission notification from the hosting partner institution. 

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