An active and committed participation on the part of the students is central to the university's development work and to quality in higher education.

Student influence

The quality work is a common concern for university employees and students. Students have the right to exercise influence over the education at the higher education institutions and the higher education institutions shall work to ensure that the students take an active part in the work of further developing the education.

All students are co-actors in the university's activities and thus also have a co-responsibility in influencing and developing the education. In order for student influence to be realised, students must take an active and committed role both as individuals and as a collective. A prerequisite for this is that the students' views, opinions and suggestions are requested and treated with respect. The university has a responsibility to practically facilitate and in other ways encourage and contribute to the students getting involved in the development work.

Students have the right to be represented when decisions are made or planning for decisions that is important for the education or the students' situation takes place .

KI's basic principle is that students should have a strong position in the decision-making process and be given the opportunity to be represented in all groups that are important for education and/or the students' situation.


How are the student representatives appointed?

Student representatives are appointed by the student unions.

The student unions divide the places among themselves and decide who is to be appointed to each post.

The representatives represent all students, regardless of education level, program affiliation or union membership.


Contact the administrator of the education committeeIf you want to know who is the student representative in a decision-making body, e.g. an education committee. You can also contact the unions

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