Studying abroad

Many universities require vaccination and medical certificates. Find out what medical requirements the university has, and if they have specific forms. You can obtain a medical certificate from other medical professionals who provide medical certificates for studying abroad, but not from the Student Health Centre.

Before departure

If you require supplementary vaccinations which are part of the national vaccination programme or a hepatitis B vaccination, please read more here.

The cost of the certificates varies depending on the requirements of the university. Anticipate that it may take a long time before vaccinations, titration and x-ray results are ready and your certificate may be issued. So plan well ahead.

Work or needlestick injuries during study placement abroad

See information on placement abroad on the page entitled Work-related injury

After returning to Sweden

Remember that after you arrive home you must be screened for MRSA before taking up your work-study placement (VFU). MRSA screening is carried out by the Student Health Centre, most suitably at drop-in hours.
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