Welcome to The Student Health Centre

We offer you advice and support during your studies. You can schedule an appointment for individual support or get advice by phone. We also offer several group activities. All visits and activities are free of charge.

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You can book an individual appointment to get advice or support for any issues that might affect your studies or join our group activities and webinars.

The Student Health Centre operates as a complement to regular healthcare and thus does not offer any structured psychological or medical treatment. If you are in need of medication or sick leave, please contact your local healthcare clinic (vårdcentral).

In case of emergency

In case of emergency or acute health conditions, always call 112.

Computer, telephone and pencil.

If you, or anyone in your household have symptoms of fever, cold or flu, please reschedule any physical appointment.

To re-schedule your appointment please call +46 (0)8-524 835 60 and leave a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Telephone consultation

You can contact us for a consultation or schedule an appointment during our phone hours.

Phone number: +46 (0)8-524 835 70.

Changed phone hours over Christmas and New Year

Week 52: phone hour Wednesday 14:00-15:00 and Friday 9:00-10:00.

Week 1:  phone hour Wednesday 14:00-15:00 and Thursday 9:00-10:00.

Phone hours

  • Monday, Thursday and Friday: 9.00–10.00.
  • Wednesday: 14.00–15.00.

Schedule an appointment

Welcome to schedule an appointment through our website or by phone during our phone hours

Online booking

You can book a short telephone consultation (approximately 15 minutes) through our website and we will get back to you on the scheduled time. Please state what you need help with in the “other comments” field (”Övrig information”).

If you do not have a Swedish personal number, please enter date of birth (yyyymmdd) followed by 0000.

Available web appointments are published on an ongoing basis. If there are no slots available online, please check again later or contact us by phone to make an appointment. 

Please note that the booking site is in Swedish.

Choose your educational institution below:

In case of a work-related injury/wound, or for cancellations, please call +46 (0)8-524 835 60 and leave a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Cancellation policy 

If you cannot make your appointment, please contact us and cancel at least 24h before. To reschedule or cancel your appointment please call 08-524 835 60. 

Drop-in hours for MRSA screening

The Student Health Centre Campus Solna

Mondays 9.00–11.00

The Student Health Centre Campus Flemingsberg

Tuesdays 13.00-14.30  NOTE: drop-in is cancelled 13/12

Changed drop-in hours over Christmas and New Year

Week 52: drop-in Wednesday in Flemingsberg, 9:00-11:00.

Week 1:  drop-in Tuesday in Flemingsberg, 13:00-14:30

Join our lunch webinars and groups

The Student Health Centre organizes group activities and lunch webinars on various topics such as stress management, public speaking anxiety etc.

Where to find us

Mailing address, email

Student Health Centre, KI
Alfred Nobels Allé 8
141 52 Huddinge

Email: studenthalsan@ki.se

Please note that since we cannot guarantee confidentiality through e-mail, we advise you not to e-mail any personal information. Only general inquiries will be answered via e-mail. 

KI Campus Flemingsberg: Blickagången 7, plan 5

KI Campus Solna: Berzelius väg 1, plan 5

Who we are

  • Anna Gredin, occupational nurse
  • Anna von Herff, lic. physician
  • Emma Rydberg, medical secretary
  • Felicia Dunér, lic psychologist
  • Frida Kolasa, lic. psychologist (leave of absence)
  • Hannes Claesson, social worker/lic. psychotherapist
  • Julia Nemirovski, lic. psychologist, operations director
  • Marie Åkerman, psychiatric nurse
  • Stina Sunkel, clinical nurse specialist

Comments and/or feedback

We value your comments and feedback, so please help us improve our services.

If you have comments and/or suggestions regarding Student Health Centre, or if you would like to file a complaint, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can call us during phone hours or email studenthalsan@ki.se.

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