Training for leaders and supervisors in women's and children's health in Sub-Saharan Africa

In an effort to improve maternal & child health care and nutrition in Sub-Saharan Africa, Karolinska Institutet has trained 40 key professionals in the midwifery-led interdisciplinary model of care as well as leadership and management. The project was supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Meet three of the participants

About "Training for leaders and supervisors in women's and children's health" (7.5 ECTS)

The training was built on the following components: 

  • The midwifery led interdisciplinary model of care: introduction to the woman’s pathway through the health care system 
  • Peer learning/inter-professional training/learning activities and supervision/teamwork
  • Leadership and management: identifying areas for improvement/ performance monitoring. 

The training was deliverd online, both through prerecorded webinars and videos as well as interactive live online (or phone based) workshops and group work. The target group were key persons in maternal and child health and nutrition in Sub-Saharan African countries. More information can be found in the course information below.