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Chapter 12 of the Higher Education Ordinance lists the decisions that may be appealed.

Decisions on eligibility and accreditation, the refusal of a request to receive a diploma or a course certificate, the refusal of a students request for exemption from a compulsory part of the programme, and decisions not to grant a student admitted to first or second level education the right to postpone the beginning of her or his studies or to resume her or his studies after an interruption are examined on appeal by the Higher Education Appeals Board. The decision of the Board may not be appealed.

The Higher Education Appeals Board

Decisions on the exclusion of a student for misconduct (e.g. cheating during an examination) taken by the Disciplinary Board are appealed to the County Administrative Court.

The letter of appeal shall be made out to the instance responsible for examining it but delivered to the authority that made the decision. It must be delivered to the authority within three weeks from the date when the appellant was notified of the decision. KI checks whether there are grounds to reconsider the decision; if the decision stands, the appeal is submitted to the authority that will consider the appeal.